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About DIONNE LISTER Founder 



I turned to Yoga as a self-help program, not knowing the positive impact it would have on my mind, body and personal life. I felt the need to share this.

My life journey has certainly met its challenges, and I lost myself as an individual but I have always met each challenge finding that positive.

​A mother of three children my eldest being diagnosed Cerebral Palsy and restricted with her mobility. I looked to yoga as a way of finding myself again.

​Growing up with a very active lifestyle, I was extremely competitive I ventured in and out of different careers and was always driven by success. Health/sport wise Yoga and Pilates classes and retreats, were always my go to throughout Sydney, Perth and Queensland.

I endured my fair share of injuries throughout the years dislocating my shoulder at 17, at 22 I sustained T12 crush fracture and broke 3 ribs. During my last pregnancy I took a fall during a simple grocery shop in a local supermarket sustaining fractures to my L3 and L5. The pain made it difficult to sleep, walk, sit and stand for long periods. I was told by my local GP I would at some stage be walking hunched over due to this last injury.

I have suffered with depression and isolation.


Based on past personal experience my response is to self heal and assist others in doing the same. I now have personal and hands on experience with shoulder, neck, back and hip injuries. I also have 11 years hands on experience with the debilitating diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. I believe these challenges have strengthened me as a person and I now feel the need to share ways to strengthen your mind, body and spirit.

​I have completed my 350 hrs Teacher Training with Yoga Rhythms

​Additional studies

·        CPD Yoga Therapy for Back Pain

·        CPD Meditations for overcoming Pain

·        CPD YIN Yoga for Deep Myofascial Release

·        CPD Yoga Therapy for Head Neck and Shoulders

·        Inspired Kids Yoga Teacher Training – Foundations

·        Special Needs Yoga Teacher Training

·        Pre & Post-Natal Yoga Teacher TrainingsTraining in Power Yoga and Yin

I continue to expand my knowledge with further training. I would particularly like to work with people who need change in their lives. Parents, Carer’s of special needs children along with children with special needs. I would like to provide a more affordable yet more rewarding experience of therapy incorporating breath to children with special needs. Assist in building muscle tone, core strength, build confidence, cope with stress and self-calm and learn self-acceptance.


To be Updated.

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